Health Disability-Solutions for People with Disabilities

The physical, as well as health disabilities, are considered to be the separate education categories by the federal government. However, the term called as orthopedic impairments were introduced by the IDEA’04 to refer to physical disabilities. Health care needs and special attention are also needed in some cases to describe the different kinds of health impairments. These are collectively categorized under disabilities and diseases. Considerable assistance is always made available from the various physical therapists, known as PT. They teach the disabled people the ways to control the movement. A typical example of this phenomenon is cerebral palsy which has certain physical limitations. It also requires special health care needs.

The two major groups of physical impairments are:-

Neuromotor impairments and skeletal or muscular conditions are the two varieties of physical disabilities. Polio and several other diseases similar to that have been eradicated in the present times due to the putting up of different preventive measures. Multiple sclerosis is another disease that is commonly found in adults but is very seldom noticed in children. Spina bifida and muscular dystrophy are a few disorders which have a low prevalent over the human body. However, cerebral palsy and epilepsy are more prevalent.

How are neuromotor impairments and muscular impairments caused?

This is caused due to the damage that is caused to the central nervous system or CNS that includes the brain as well as the spinal cord. It is such a neurological impairment that deals with our nervous system, thereby, limiting the powerful movement and control. Limbs or the body muscles are greatly affected by muscular or skeletal impairments.

Ways to cope up with these health disorders:-

Special technologies and devices or equipment have been developed with the ongoing technological advancements for the sake of these disorders. You need to perform some simple tasks like walking, writing, eating, etc. Most people underestimate these simple tasks and take them for granted, but, these certain things can only help an individual to overcome his or her disabilities.

Other forms of health disabilities:-

Chronic diseases, as well as infectious diseases, are the two types of health disabilities. Medically fragile is another health status where the illness is reflected in the health situation of n individual. These cases need immediate health care needs. Other chronic diseases include asthma while infectious diseases include Human Immunodeficiency syndrome.

Solutions to these disabilities:-

The World Health Organisation or WHO takes proper care regarding these facts. They design special key events that work in association with centres for disease control and prevention. The pieces of information are based on activities, reports, statistics, descriptions, and publications. America has also proposed an act called Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA in its response.