Improving Weight Loss With Physical Therapy

Are you recovering from an injury? If so, you might already be seeing a physical therapist. Are you also trying to lose weight? Maybe you weren’t before, but now suddenly, the injury has you worried about being too immobile and not getting enough exercise. Physical therapists are experts in exercise choices in relation to people’s physical limitations from injuries. There are all kinds of different situations. Even people that haven’t been injured recently recognize that a physical therapist could be an asset in regard to fitness for life.

Female Patient Working With PhysiotherapistYour overall weight loss goals may seem like long-term goals. However, you want to keep the weight off and stay in shape as your body ages. That’s not easy folks! It gets harder and harder to keep off those pounds and stay healthy. You progressively can’t do as much as when you were younger, metabolism slows and all kinds of things come into play. It’s not just about younger people vs older people. Aging is a process that is always happening.

That being said, physical therapists know the body, no matter your age, and that means that they can help you exercise your body. Do you have physical limitations? If you don’t, then you might just have recommendations from the doctor as to what you should be doing. Your physical therapist will know what’s best to do in conjunction with the doctor’s orders.

Many people looking for serious options will search for a medical weight loss clinic. However, many medical weight loss centers focus primarily on drug and surgery options, not the exercise component. When you lose weight, the focus on exercise is supposed to be extended to contouring your body, right? You know physical therapists can help you with that, and you know they will have all kinds of other health and wellness tips for you. That’s what they do.

Next, think of a physical therapist as a type of personal trainer. He or she might not quite speak to you quite in the way a personal trainer would. However, the benefits of meeting with a physical therapist are similar to that of a person trainer. Of course, if you’re not injured, then you might just consider a personal trainer in the first place over a physical therapist.

Not only can physical therapists give you information and help you with your workouts, but they can ensure exercises are performed correctly. That is important because you don’t want to worsen your injury or cause another one. A personal trainer can do the same thing for you if you aren’t injured but want to prevent injuries.

People with injuries are going to want to recover as soon as possible. Obviously, the fastest way to recovering from an injury is usually with a physical therapist. That means you get back to working out sooner without an injury, which is going to help you keep that weight off and stay fit. If you are injured, what type of injury do you have and how long will you be recovering?

You can talk things over with a physical therapist to ensure you’re taking the best route. You do want to be sure that you make the best decisions based on the doctor’s recommendations. How much weight are you trying to lose? Even if you just workout with a physical therapist for the duration of your recovery period and then continue to lose weight on your own, what you learn will even help you beyond that.

It is important to know what facilities that a physical therapist is using. Some facilities are better than others, and you will have choices in your area. Are you ready to learn more about injury recovery, exercise, losing weight and overall health?

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Have Pest Control Chemicals Been Linked to Disabilities Or Injury?

A lot of people assume that the pesticides being used on the market are completely safe. While most pesticides can be used safely, it is important to remember that these products are packed with harsh and dangerous chemicals. If they are used improperly—or if there is an issue with the product—they can be very hazardous.

In some cases, these products have actually led to disabilities or injuries. Here are a few of the warning signs you need to watch out for if you are going to be using chemical pest control products:

Avoid Chemical Pesticides if You Have Chemical Sensitivities

Pesticide vector logo

Some people are far more used to chemicals than others. This is especially true of people that have respiratory conditions, like asthma.

If you believe that you are sensitive to chemicals, you may want to avoid using these kinds of pest control products. They could wind up causing a lot of damage to you.

Make Sure You Properly Ventilate When You Use Pest Control Products

After you spray a chemical, or after the exterminator visits, you should open up your windows and allow fresh air to circulate into your home. This will encourage the chemical fumes to dissipate. Swat Bug Killers is one of several Las Vegas pest control companies that offers a “fogging flush” treatment for cockroaches prior to using a pesticide. Using this 2-step approach can cut down on the amount of actual pesticide needed, which helps further protect you from excess pesticide fumes.

If you don’t ventilate the room that you used the chemicals in, you may become extremely ill, even if you don’t have any sort of chemical sensitivity. These kinds of products aren’t designed with human lungs in mind. If it is winter, and opening up a window will be difficult, you may want to hold off on using these products until Spring, when pests are more active.

Always Follow the Product Directions

When you purchase a pest control product, you should find usage directions on the product label. Make sure that you follow those instructions to the letter. If you follow the outlined instructions, you will be able to use the product safely.

A lot of people assume that these directions can be ignored. However, even one small mistake can lead to major problems. It’s always a smart idea to read over the instructions before you use a product.

What to Do If You Have Been Exposed

If you have suffered some kind of ailment, and you believe that a chemical pest control product has caused your issues, you should immediately seek care. If it is an emergency, you should contact emergency services or visit an emergency room. If your symptoms are mild, you should at least contact a trained medical professional. There are specific types of treatment recommended for poison control. However, there are many natural methods of detoxification which can be found by doing research. These options are alternatives, which may not always be offered or mentioned by a medical professional, and can be beneficial at removing toxins.

Most of the people that use pesticides or pest control chemicals are able to use these products safely. With that said, that hasn’t been the case for everyone. Some people have suffered because of these products. You should always approach chemical products with a great deal of caution.

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Is Neurology Getting Any Closer to Curing Paralysis from Spinal Injury?

Spinal injuries can cause paralysis, which can become life threatening because of potential issues surrounding them (blood clots forming from a person sitting in a wheelchair, with their lower extremities unable to move, for example, or infected sores).

Over the last several decades, scientists have been working on ideas for ways to revive severed spinal cords so that they can transmit nerve signals once more. One scientist that believes this is the case is Reggie Edgerton, and after decades of work he has managed to prove that it is possible to restore severed nerves.

female neurologist holding MRI of the spine

Although his initial successes were achieved on rats, his research is not aimed at merely benefiting veterinary neurologists. He has, in fact, already managed to help almost a dozen men to move their limbs of their own accord, getting back control of their bladder, bowel function, sexual function and more, and even stand and (with aid) walk.

The hope is that this could become something that could be used to help many more people who are injured – especially those whose injuries are relatively recent. The foundation has put more than $120 million towards research over its life span, and there have been a lot of dead ends along the way, but Edgerton’s technique, which relies on implanting a small device near the spinal cord, could help to do far more than what it was originally designed for (pain relief), by bringing a damaged spinal cord back to life.

The Reeve Foundation is hoping to use the device to help 36 men and women who are paralyzed, and if it works for them it will then have the potential to be rolled out country-wide. The tests that the foundation will be doing will focus on people whose injuries occurred in the last two or three years.

Edgerton’s breakthrough came because he refused to accept that the spinal cord is just a messenger that transmits signals between the brain and your limbs. He believes that it is an organ and that it can adapt the way the brain can, generating patterns and learning, so that it can recover when injured.

There is a phenomenon called neuroplasticity, which is how we learn – and is something that stroke patients rely on to re-gain the ability to speak or move after severe damage is done. Neuroplasticity means that the brain’s neural pathways can be rerouted and changed to help people to learn new skills. Young people have the most ‘plastic’ brains, but older people can re-learn things – plasticity does not go away. A large part of why older people are slower to adapt is lifestyle related (and the way that repeated use of existing skills will reinforce those signals, making it harder to ‘replace’ them). The spinal cord could be similar in how it works – and healthy nerves could adapt to take over the role of the damaged ones; at least that’s the theory.

There are other theories surrounding stem cells, which suggest that a completely severed spinal cord could regenerate.

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Eye Glasses Versus Contact Lenses: The Pros and Cons

Although not all vision problems constitute a serious disability, if you have vision problems, you are still going to have to take steps to correct those issues. You could wear glasses, or you could try using contact lenses. You could even use both!

If you have never had to wear glasses or contacts, you may be trying to figure out which option would be the best choice for you. Below are some of the pros and cons of glasses vs contacts:

Glasses Are An Easy Fix for Vision Problems

a pair of eyelgasses and contact lens case side by sideWearing glasses is one of the simplest and most effective ways to correct bad vision. All you have to do is throw on a pair of glasses, and your eyesight is back to normal.

Glasses are an especially good option for people with minor vision problems. When you use glasses, you don’t have to keep them on your eyes at all time. You can take them off when you don’t need them. Glasses are also the only option (short of surgery) to correct significant visual acuity problems and astigmatism.

Glasses Can Be Challenging

There are a lot of frustrations associated with glasses. If you misplace your glasses, you won’t be able to see until you locate them. Glasses can also be damaged very easily, getting dropped, or even knocked off when playing sports.

Glasses can also be difficult in the summer. You won’t be able to put sunglasses on over your glasses. You’ll have to invest in prescription sunglasses if you want to be able to see more clearly in the sun.

With that said, these minor hassles aren’t that big a deal. You should be able to adjust to wearing glasses pretty quickly.

Contact Lenses Give You Options

When you have contacts, you have a lot of flexibility. You can easily throw on a pair on sunglasses over contacts, and you can also wear 3D glasses at the movies. You can even alter the color of your eyes with colored contact lenses.

There are many different types of contact lenses on the market, and you can select the kind of contacts that offer what you want. You can use contacts to change the look of your eyes, or you can simply use them to enhance your vision. It’s completely up to you.

The Downside – Contacts Can Be Uncomfortable

Contacts aren’t comfortable for everyone. If you have sensitive eyes, wearing contacts may be a major hassle for you. Contacts could cause your eyes to water throughout the day. They could also cause dryness or irritation.

Contacts can also be a challenge for people with specific issues, like astigmatism. Not all contacts on the market are designed to correct these kinds of issues.

With that said, there are contacts on the market that are designed for more sensitive eyes. If your eyes are easily irritated, you shouldn’t necessarily rule contact lenses out. Instead, you should make a point of finding contacts that are designed for people like you.

Which Option Is Right for You?

If you’re not willing to commit to contacts or glasses just yet, you should try to give both options a trial run. Pick up a pair of reading lenses with a prescription that’s close to yours. And as for contacts, ask your eye doctor if they can provide you with trial contact lenses.

If you take the time to try out a number of options, you should be able to find a solution that is a good fit for your eyes. If you enjoy both glasses and contacts, you can try alternating between them.

There are a lot of benefits to wearing glasses, but contacts offer plenty of perks as well. If your vision needs to be corrected, then you should be considering all of the options available. Don’t miss out on anything that could help you to see clearly!

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Acupuncture May Help Those with Disabilities

If you or someone you love has a disability, you are undoubtedly seeking every way possible to treat the condition. One viable option is acupuncture. This is a form of treatment that comes from the ancient tomes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having advanced over the centuries as the wisdom and learning expanded, the medical art of acupuncture is now practiced by licensed acupuncturists across the globe.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Acupuncture needles on back of a young womanIn TCM, bodily energy pathways are of major concern. While western medicine did not give much credence to this for many years, that has begun to change, according to Acupuncture Orlando acupuncturist, John Barnett. According to Barnett, one of the reasons for this is the trend away from invasive allopathic treatments, which consist mostly of drugs and surgery, to the truly traditional methods which precede it.

The teachings from the ancient East state that pain is the result of disrupted energy flow. In addition to the energy paths of the body, TCM also addresses the five elements: fire, wind, space, earth and water. Acupuncture treatments seek to restore the proper flow of energy throughout the body and to bring these elements into balance.

There are thousands of specialized points all over your body that influence how the energy moves through your body. By stimulating the correct ones, the acupuncturist can begin correcting the blockage that is preventing the patient from experiencing health and wellness.

For treatments using acupuncture for disabilities to be helpful, it is important that the patient bring all of the appropriate information to the initial consultation. This includes a complete medical background that has psychological treatments as well traditional medical doctors. This data will be used by the acupuncturist to begin determining the root cause.

The root of the problem must be addressed if you are going to seek long-term relief. While some medicines and treatments can cover the symptoms, acupuncturists look for ways to prevent the problem now and in the future.

However, this does not mean that you can have one visit and be done. Those who are ill will often need multiple treatments for the restoration to become permanent. The energy pathways will naturally revert to the familiar, incorrect pattern once the treatment session has ended. Over time, the body can learn the proper path if you utilize acupuncture sessions repeatedly.

Wellness as a Lifestyle

Although you cannot completely get rid of every type of illness through acupuncture, you can significantly increase your health, wellness and quality of life through the regular use of acupuncture to treat disabilities and other health conditions. Whether you are suffering from a physical or mental disability, you owe it to yourself to visit a qualified acupuncturist that practices in your area.

Being ill or disabled can dramatically reduce your quality of life. Reclaim your health with acupuncture sessions along with a realistic holistic treatment program that is designed and overseen by a professional in the field of holistic medicine. You will be amazed what a difference that this can make in your quality of life!

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The Canadian Disability Tax Credit for Hearing Loss

For Canadians with hearing loss ranging from noticeable to total, the disability tax credits in Canadian taxation laws may provide a means by which to relieve the inevitable costs associated with their disability. The disability tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit intended not to bring in a larger refund (hence being a non-refundable tax credit) and instead lowering the amount of taxes a citizen or their supporting persons have to pay. To claim this tax credit, Canadian citizens with hearing disabilities must first qualify for the disability tax credit.

Tax deductions written on a paper. In order to qualify for this tax credit, a person with hearing loss or most any other disability must fill in and get their medical provider to also fill in Form T2201 in order to certify that a person has a long term and fairly severe form of physical impairment, as well as describing the effects of the impairment. For Canadians with hearing loss, this will also involve describing the full depths of their difficulties with hearing loss, as well as an overview of what they must do to treat their hearing loss. Whether this involves a simple medical grade hearing aid for damaged hearing or a full fledged transformation of one’s life for total hearing loss, the hearing loss and its treatment must be accounted for on Form T2201.

However, claiming this tax credit for people with hearing loss in particular can be difficult, largely because of the problematic and severely restrictive rules surrounding the qualification standards to receive the disability tax credit for hearing loss. Canadian courts have laid down a number of restrictions physicians must labor under when filling out Form T2201E. Among other stiff restrictions on Canadians with damaged hearing, the physician filling out the form can not take into account how heavily their patient can rely on compensations for hearing loss, such as sign language and lip reading skills. The main qualifying factor for getting this tax credit lies solely in how much of an impact a patient’s hearing loss has on their daily life, requiring that to claim the tax credit, functions of daily living must be severely negatively impacted, or require a great deal of time and effort for a person to perform a function that somebody with undamaged hearing can easily accomplish.

Young female patient receiving a hearing testOn the plus side, the courts have ruled that physicians must account for their patients’ hearing problems not in an intensely silent place such as a doctor’s office or hearing clinic, but in a “quiet setting” more akin to daily life, such as a house with other people or a professional setting without much noise. However, the courts have ruled that physicians do not need to account for loud, noisy settings that could also occur in day to day life, simply the sort of reasonably quiet settings where there is a level of noise but not so much as to hinder even the fully able. The intent of the court ruling was to strike a middle ground between the settings of daily life and the quiet places of a doctor’s office.

There are a number of issues with the wording of Form T2201E that has driven many doctors in the field to sign off on the form only when their patient can not function without sign language and devices offer very little or essentially not real benefit to their patients. Though there is a movement to expand the definition of the hearing loss standards in the Canadian revenue laws to account for the differing shades of hearing loss, at the moment, the standards are somewhat restrictive. Still, for citizens who are severely disabled from hearing loss, the disability tax credit does offer a means by which to financially manage their condition.

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Health Disability-Solutions for People with Disabilities

The physical, as well as health disabilities, are considered to be the separate education categories by the federal government. However, the term called as orthopedic impairments were introduced by the IDEA’04 to refer to physical disabilities. Health care needs and special attention are also needed in some cases to describe the different kinds of health impairments. These are collectively categorized under disabilities and diseases. Considerable assistance is always made available from the various physical therapists, known as PT. They teach the disabled people the ways to control the movement. A typical example of this phenomenon is cerebral palsy which has certain physical limitations. It also requires special health care needs.

The two major groups of physical impairments are:-

Neuromotor impairments and skeletal or muscular conditions are the two varieties of physical disabilities. Polio and several other diseases similar to that have been eradicated in the present times due to the putting up of different preventive measures. Multiple sclerosis is another disease that is commonly found in adults but is very seldom noticed in children. Spina bifida and muscular dystrophy are a few disorders which have a low prevalent over the human body. However, cerebral palsy and epilepsy are more prevalent.

How are neuromotor impairments and muscular impairments caused?

This is caused due to the damage that is caused to the central nervous system or CNS that includes the brain as well as the spinal cord. It is such a neurological impairment that deals with our nervous system, thereby, limiting the powerful movement and control. Limbs or the body muscles are greatly affected by muscular or skeletal impairments.

Ways to cope up with these health disorders:-

Special technologies and devices or equipment have been developed with the ongoing technological advancements for the sake of these disorders. You need to perform some simple tasks like walking, writing, eating, etc. Most people underestimate these simple tasks and take them for granted, but, these certain things can only help an individual to overcome his or her disabilities.

Other forms of health disabilities:-

Chronic diseases, as well as infectious diseases, are the two types of health disabilities. Medically fragile is another health status where the illness is reflected in the health situation of n individual. These cases need immediate health care needs. Other chronic diseases include asthma while infectious diseases include Human Immunodeficiency syndrome.

Solutions to these disabilities:-

The World Health Organisation or WHO takes proper care regarding these facts. They design special key events that work in association with centres for disease control and prevention. The pieces of information are based on activities, reports, statistics, descriptions, and publications. America has also proposed an act called Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA in its response.

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